Catalogo SICUTOOL 2019 - versione inglese con prezzi

The Conditions of Sale are an integral part of the Company Quality System according to standard UNI EN ISO 9001. The communications that vary the catalogue (corrections, changes, articles that can no longer be provided, etc.) are published monthly on the Sicutool website and on the flip-book version of the catalogue ( ). Orders are accepted on the basis of the following conditions: PRICE, MINIMUM VALUE AND PAYMENTS 1. The prices are intended ex-works, excluding VAT. For orders with deadlines, the quotes at the time of delivery apply. Our prices include standard packaging. 2. The payments, based on the terms agreed, should be made in the name of our company. DELIVERIES AND COLLECTIONS 3. The orders are dispatched on settlement within the limits of availability, unless the client specifically indicates to reserve any remaining inventory. If the client decides to always reserve the non-dispatched material for his orders, he should provide written communication of this. The remaining inventory is combined with the first, next order. For each order, the client should specify a clear means of transport. 4. The goods travel at the client’s risk and danger, even if dispatched free port with the invoice debited. In the event of damage, theft or loss of delivery during transport, the relevant claims should be addressed to the carrier, who is directly responsible. 5. You are advised to check at the time of delivery, other than the packaging being intact, that the distinctive data outlined on our transport document correspond to the goods actually delivered. In the presence of disputes, the carrier’s document must be signed with reservation. CONDITIONS OF SALE • For any delayed payments, the interest will be counted plus any additional expenses. • No arbitrary deductions are accepted. • Any changes made to the payment conditions must be agreed in advance and cannot have a retroactive effect.